Welcome To Robert.To!

Well hello there. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to my website, robert.to! I’ve been working on it a lot, and quite frankly I like it, although I’m not planning on doing anything big with it.

A quick intro: My name is Robert Tolowski, and I’m a website developer. I used to learn a lot of things by trial and error, (which is a real pain not to mention time consuming) and then after I sorted the problem out, I forgot it as soon as I didn’t use it for a while.

That being said, that’s why I created this website so I could safe-keep my tutorials, and at the same time be able to share them with anyone that stops by (you)!

What’s this all about?

You can expect many tips and tricks regarding technical stuff. I’ll go over them one by one real soon. Just know that I’m also talking a bit personal in some of my posts. You have to understand that it’s like a personal guide, and please don’t be offended by that. In return I offer good information in my opinion without asking anything for it!

What am I going to talk about? Well, let’s start off with Prolog. I use this program when I’m in the progress of coding a website. Although it’s not being used a lot by most, I in fact use it all the time, it saves me a lot of time compared to more traditional coding methods.

Next stop is WordPress! This website in fact uses it, simply for the reason that I didn’t want to spend too much time with this project, as my time at the moment is limited, this worked out better for me. I simply write the tutorial from scratch, and publish it. No html or anything else is required, that saves a lot of headaches and time! (and yes I mean themes as well, as that sucks up most of my time).

After a blog or website has been created, there’s going to be a need for maintenance. So that will be discussed as well. This is usually something that comes afterwards, but if you take a look at the longer term, this is the most valuable thing of any website that you can find online! It’s not just creating it, it’s also maintaining it, letting it run smoothly, server upkeep, marketing (if needed) etc. There’s a lot going to be covered here!

Lastly, it’s kind of off topic, but I feel it’s important to mention, because we have to keep up with time, right? I’m of course talking about the way mobile devices influenced us (in general)! It’s basically some things that I encountered with my phone/tablet. That will be added there.

That’s about it! About the last thing, a really good friend of mine, Jochim Tilo, created a blog that’s all about Android – if you’re interested in that I strongly suggest to take a look at it – he’s a smart guy, and very passionate about this, and he knows a lot about it too!

To conclude, I really hope you enjoy the website, and if you need any help at all, just contact me!